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St. Margaret
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Photo Gallery of Parish Ministries: Special Easter display in Easter. See bulletin of March 27th.

St. Margaret's Men's Breakfast Club:
First Saturday of each month. Begins with 8am Mass, followed by breakfast at the Coram Diner. Nourish your spirit and your body!

Faith Formation:
Vacation Bible School: July 18 - 22 Registration begins April 11
Spring Break: No Faith Formation Classes April 25 - 30

Holy Angels Regional Catholic School:
Families are invited to visit for a conversation and tour. See bulletin for information.
Annual Catholic Elementary School Support Collection. Next weekend, April 30 & May 1. Please be generous.

eMMe Youth Ministry:
High Schoolers: come join us this Friday See info and pictures in bulletin!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month:
Our series continues with an article called Preventing Child Sexual Abuse.. See bulletin.

2016 Super Raffle:
End of the Trail this Saturday. Tickets still available. Stop by the Center; credit cards accepted.

Diocesan Year of Mercy Special Sites:
Bishop Murphy has designated four sites in the Diocese to be "Doors of Mercy." See bulletin for more information.

For the Ride Home: Rear View Mirrow
Fifth Sunday of Easter April 24, 2016

Today’s Gospel is a small part of an important conversation that Jesus had with His disciples at the Last Supper. As we hear, it takes place right after Judas left to start the plan to arrest Jesus. Jesus knew that he was going to be arrested, tortured and executed, yet he is not concerned about that. He wants his friends to remember that God is with Him and will not let the forces of evil and darkness win. He also wants them to remember that they (and we) have a challenge to live like he did - loving everyone. Just think of some of the ways that Jesus showed his love. Jesus fed five thousand hungry people, He cured lepers, He brought a girl back to life, he changed the water into wine at the wedding feast, He cured the crippled and made the blind see, He forgave sins. All these things changed people’s lives. We cannot do miracles, but when we love, we can change people’s lives, too.

1. What did Jesus tell His apostles to do when he was gone? How do other people know that we are followers of Jesus?
2. Can you think of other ways that Jesus showed his love? What do you do that shows you are a follower of Jesus?

2015 Appeal Photo

Outreach News:
Spring Food Drive: Thank you for your support. See picture in bulletin!
Diapers Not Needed?:
We gladly accept all sizes (including adult).

Thrift Shop:
We are located between the Church and Parish Center. Our Fall/Winter hours are: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00am - 2:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am - 1:00pm. Please call the Parish Social Ministry Office(631-732-3131 x119) to arrange drop-offs of large items.

WE ARE IN NEED OF: Spring and summer clothing. for women, chlidren, teens and men are needed as well as shoes of all sizes. Leave your donations in the bin to the right of the Shop or drop them off at the Parish Center during office hours.

Volunteers needed for Saturday Mornings. Can you help?